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Motions EP Cover

Since childhood I never stopped playing guitar, music becoming more and more important in my life. Originally studying Computer Sciences, I quit and finally graduated at the Music Academy International in 2016. Right after this formation I joined my actual band Think of A New Kind that made me move to Paris and start my musical carreer.

OrroW is a very personnal project born in 2019 I felt the need to make. I gathered all my influences and experience acquired over the past few years to give birth to my first EP, « Motions ». 

These first five songs make part of a conceptual 5 tracks EP based on emotions (see more). Each song has a proper emotion that gave a color code that is used in the visuals as well as a detail for each video. The unique artworks of the songs are actually close-ups of the final visual of the EP.

I am an ESP/LTD GUITARS artist, endorsed by the clothing brand HYRAW CLOTHING and the jewellery FLIBUSTIER PARIS.

All the Mixing & Mastering has been done at DNA MUSIC STUDIO (Betraying The Martyrs, Kadinja, Novelists…) by Nicolas Delestrade – Artwork by Oly Stingel from NEEON STUDIO (Breakdown of Sanity) – Guest vocals on “Fortress” by Lukas Magyar (Veil of Maya)


Learn more about the concept behind "Motions" EP

Each song in this EP is inspired by an emotion. The ones that move you and get you to another place.
For each song I developed ideas keeping in mind these feelings that translates into riffs, melodies, rhythms and grooves.

Alpha Cover


This is the EP’s opener, the one that gave me “Strength” to write even more.

Bridges Cover


This song is pure “Joy”, running in wilderness and having fun

C9H13NO3 Cover


Chemical formula for “Adrenaline”
The song builds up as blood rushes to end in a peacefull estate

Fortress Cover


Simply “Anger”.
Guest vocals by Lukas Magyar (Veil of Maya)

Hollow Cover


Most melancholic song of the EP. “Sadness” doesn’t mean it is the end, as the song goes on to a positive outro



Alpha –  Guitar Playthrough (Violet)

Hollow – Motion Picture (Silver)

Fortress – Guitar Playthrough (Red)

Bridges – Guitar Playthrough (Green)

C9H13NO3 – Guitar Playthrough (Gold)